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Weight Loss Meal Plan in Montreal

Follow the meal plan offered by L'Écurie training center in Montreal to optimize the results of your weight loss program.
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Personalized Meal Plan for Better Training in Montreal

Not sure where to start your weight loss program? We offer a meal plan tailored to your training goals in our gym in Montreal. To make the most of your workouts and achieve your desired weight, we create a comprehensive dietary guide.

For a better dietary balance, aligned with your sports training program, we are at your service to establish a personalized diet. We take the care to inquire about your eating habits to create a list of foods to prioritize and avoid.

Choose a comprehensive dietary guide to safely lose weight.

Weight Loss Meal Plan Montreal
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  • Experience in the field
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Our location
  • Our training center is located in the Mile-End neighborhood in Montreal.

Learn more about our Food Assistance Program

In addition to assessing your physical condition, we create a personalized meal plan to optimize your weight loss. We will guide you through our Food Assistance Program, which provides precise and personalized recommendations based on concrete data.

Our sports coaches are available to advise you during your training sessions, both on nutrition and various activities. With our Food Assistance Program, you will benefit from comprehensive support to achieve your weight loss goals.

Follow our meal program to achieve your weight loss goals in Montreal.

Diet for Weight Loss Montreal